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  • Organizing Your World - It's Not As Hard As You Think

    Sunday, August 24, 2014   /   by Geri Sonkin

    Organizing Your World - It's Not As Hard As You Think

    To Be Or Not To Be . . . Organized 

    BY Geri Sonkin
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    Organized home

    This post is not for them.  It's for the clutterers of the world,  the people with a penchant for too much stuff, whether or not there is a place for it to live.  I'd like to say I'm a reformed member of this club, but to be honest, I'm only halfway home.  It was only when I serendipitously stumbled uponAlejandra Costello (a professional organizer) online that I began to understand my organizing style (I'm a creative/perfectionist).  Once I did, it was crystal clear what the stumbling blocks had been to my success.  In the past, when I rearranged and uncluttered an area, and the result was not attractive to my eye, I hated the end product just as much as I did before I invested all my time and trouble to get it done.  Hence, keeping it up just didn't matter.

    The concept that everything had a home and it was not necessarily the kitchen table, seems simplistic yet it changed my life.  One of my most difficult areas was the entry foyer.  It was the place I dropped the mail, my keys, coat, gloves and whatever else came home with me from work.  It is a very tight space, just a landing leading to steps going up, others going down.

    With the simple addition of a small piece of furniture, I've turned a nightmare into a relaxing oasis and a space where everything does have a home.  It holds the promise of better things to come.


    Geri Sonkin is a real estate associate broker/stager/organizer in the Long Island market.  Making homes look beautiful, function well and sell in a timely fashion when placed on the market is her specialty.  If you're in the need of someone to stage your home to sell, or simply for your lifestyle, or an experience REALTOR® to market your home, or find you a house or condo to live it, just contact Geri at 516 457-7103.